Cara Muhlhahn is not a girl ( despite the title of the episode for the sake of constancy) . She is a Woman, in all of the wisdom, strength, nurturance and power that a women can embody. Capital W. She was also Christina’s midwife. Cara’s support and guidance during Christina’s pregnancy was profound. It prepared her not only for the birth of her son, but also for life as a mother and a deeper understanding of her place in the continuum of things. When we had the opportunity to sit with her during a rare free hour of her day, in between births and home visits (which also happened to be Oliver’s first birthday - talk about serendipity), we called Maya our filmer, poured some tea, and got into it all. Cara’s life work places her on that fine line between life and death, light and dark, miracles and disasters. It requires her to hone in and focus on the tiniest of details: the skip of a heartbeat, a centimeters change in dilation, the pace of someone’s breath. We hope you enjoy this episode and please share it with all those you feel will be inspired by her empowerment. #GirlGiftGather


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